healthy pumpkin recipes
healthy pumpkin recipes
healthy pumpkin recipes

Start your day with a warm and cozy breakfast and try my puree with risotto rice (it is more like pumpkin risotto, but sweeter). It is perfect for meal preparation. Cook it on the weekend and enjoy every busy morning during the week. If you love having a healthy snack after your lunch, dinner or in between pumpkin muffins are perfect. Full of sweet and soft flavor, no refined sugar and only 128 calories per muffin. What can be better to snack on and reach your health and fitness goals! My true favorite is pumpkin orange crumble. It is crispy, soft and chewy and combines so much flavor with healthy benefits. No refined sugar, incredibly low in calories and a big boost of vitamin C for your immune system.

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Best healthy pumpkin recipes

Baked feta pasta with pumpkin

Pumpkin crumble with oranges

Healthy pumpkin muffin recipe – low sugar and full of flavor

Pumpkin puree with rice

pumpkin puree

Boost the immune system

Pumpkin is amazing for autumn and winter. During this season we are confronted with a lot of infections and the best way to stay healthy is to eat food that strengthens the immune system. Pumpkin contains beta carotene and our body converts it into vitamin A. This boosts the immune system and helps our body to combat viruses and bacteria. At the same time pumpkin is a great source of vitamin C. It is important to get this vitamin during the cold season. Our body cannot make vitamin C itself. So, start baking and cooking amazing pumpkin recipes to get enough of it from food you eat!

Get glowing skin

Pumpkin has so many benefits for your skin.
Vitamin C fights free radicals and sun damage, which leads to less wrinkles and prevents your skin from aging. Vitamin A, which is converted from beta carotene, helps your skin to heal quickly. This leads to smooth and even skin. Vitamin E hydrates your skin, which is crucial for dry and cold winter seasons. It is high time to get your skin glowing with incredibly tasty pumpkin recipes.

Lose weight without being hungry

Pumpkin is incredibly low in calories and is rich in fiber (100 g of pumpkin contains around 30 calories). If you want to lose weight it is definitely a perfect food. You can eat a big amount of it and this will not add a lot of calories to your daily intake. But at the same time you will feel full and satisfied, which will lead to losing weight without dieting. Fiber in pumpkin helps to manage blood sugar spikes. It is crucial to control sugar spikes - you will stop overeating and feeling hungry although you have just eaten.

Go ahead and try it out - find all the amazing recipes here and use the filters to choose meal type and/or benefit.

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