What to eat with cauliflower rice

Cauliflower Rice: A Step-by-Step Recipe with Delicious Seasonings

This cauliflower rice recipe is healthy, flavorful, and easy to make with a unique blend of spices.

how to make cheese omelette
cheese omelette

Cheese Omelette – Quick and Crispy Keto Recipe Ready in 10 Minutes

Delicious cheese omelette - the perfect high-protein, quick and crispy option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner

Baked buffalo cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower – tender inside and crispy outside

Buffalo cauliflower - crispy and healthy - baked in the oven.

spinach lasagna
spinach lasagna

Spinach lasagna – easy, quick and perfect for meal prepping

Spinach lasagna with ricotta and spinach sauce topped with easy tomato sauce and melted cheese.

Delicious Pasta with Spinach and Ricotta

Pasta with spinach and ricotta – ready in 15 minutes

Very easy and quick healthy lunch under 20 minutes.

feta tomato pasta
feta tomato pasta

Feta tomato pasta – easy, quick and perfect for mealprep

Just a few ingredients and very short preparation time and the best tomato feta pasta is ready.

The best way of cooking broccoli

Cook broccoli like a Pro - bright green, crisp-tender texture and very tasty.

broccoli salad

Broccoli salad – healthy and fresh salad with the best dressing

Healthy & delicious salad without mayonnaise and refined sugar.

Vegan mince bowl – caramelized, smokey and full of flavor

Vegan mince bowl - caramelized vegan mince with lentils.

Roasted pear on bread – with cheese and sweet sour topping

Roasted pear on bread is like pear cake, but with less time baking!

Chocolate granola – healthy, easy and quick

3 ingredients healthy chocolate granola.

How to roast beets – quick and easy recipe

Quick and easy recipe for roasted beets

Mushroom pie – healthy and easy

Mushroom pie in a pan full of healthy ingredients.

Yogurt Bowl Enriched with Chocolate Granola and Sweet Raspberries

Quick and healthy breakfast for chocolate lovers.

Healthy sandwich – full of healthy fats and fiber

Healthy sandwich with delicious spread, tomatoes and salad

Healthy falafel bowl

Falafel bowl – healthy and delicious without deep frying

Full of nutrients and plant-based protein

Baking falafel – baked falafel recipe to eat healthy and delicious

Baking falafel instead of deep frying - healthy and delicious.

Healthy caesar salad with the best healthy caesar dressing

Vegetarian caesars salad with healthy dressing lower in calories

Power Bowl

Power bowl – healthy clean eating food

This power bowl is super high in nutrients and low in calories.

Power Bowl

Whipped feta – quick and healthy dip in 4 minutes

4 ingredients and 4 minutes and whipped feta is ready!

Brussel sprouts salad – healthy green bowl to feel the best

Brussel sprouts salad is not only incredibly tasty, but really amazing for your body. It is loaded with greens and healthy fats, full of iron, vitamine C and…

tasty brussel sprouts
preparing brussel sprouts salad

Roasted brussel sprouts – healthy and delicious

Brussel sprouts are not only delicious food but also healthy for your body and skin. Let me show you why.

pumpkin puree

Pumpkin puree with rice

Pumpkin puree with rice is soft, warming and perfect to load a lot of energy to smash your goals during the day.

How to roast eggplant the healthy way (without using too much oil)

In my recipe I am using only a little bit of oil and the eggplant gets incredibly crispy and delicious. I love adding it to my bowls and just eat it with…

Cooking couscous – step by step recipe for perfect couscous

How to cook the perfect couscous with all the hacks it needs for couscous that tastes great and does not stick together.

Egg fried rice – healthy, lower in fat and very tasty

Egg fried rice - healthy versions of fried rice. It is full of the flavor of incredibly tasty vegetables while being low in fat and calories.

Vegan dumpling – fake dumplings with cabbage

This recipe is made with pasta - but tastes like dumplings. It is the quickest vegan dumplings you ever made in your life.

healthy pizza - mozzarella

Healthy pizza – half the calories, quick and tasty

This healthy pizza recipes are an absolute game changer - lose weight, grow muscles and still enjoy pizza!

Veggie chicken nuggets with an incredibly delicious crust

Cornflake-crusted vegetarian chicken nuggets - so tender inside and crispy outside. Rich in protein and very delicious.

Pitapocket – pita stuffed with spinach, feta and eggs – full of love and protein

Pitapocket - pita stuffed with incredibly tasty ingredients that are rich in protein - eggs, spinach and feta.

ingredients for salad bowl

Salad Bowl – Healthy Ingredients and Perfect Dressing

This salad bowl is a perfect lunch or dinner if you want to eat enough vegetables and be full for hours.

Bread pudding – quick and easy low calorie cake

Bread pudding - soft, crunchy, juicy is perfect with cold greek yogurt. Low in calorie and full in flavor.

The easiest and quickest potato buns

Potato buns recipe, that requires the minimum of your time - you do not need to make a dough, wait till raises, roll it out.

How to cook basmati rice

In this recipe I’m explaining how to cook basmati rice because this is a very common question. Perfect aromatic basmati rice is a great base for every dish.

Easy dumpling recipe – dumpling bowl – very quick

Easy dumpling recipe is an absolute game changer. If you are in the mood for homemade dumplings and absolutely do not have any time - this easy dumpling…

Homemade french fries with only 3 ingredients

Homemade French Fries: Crispy Perfection with Just 3 Ingredients

Homemade french fries - quick recipe with 3 ingredients that you definitely have at home.

Healthy pancake with melted chocolate

Healthy pancake – huge, soft and lower in calories. Ready in 10 minutes.

A healthy pancake with melted chocolate is such a delicious sweet snack - it is a perfect breakfast on the weekend or an amazing meal prep recipe, that you can…

cheesy pasta chips
crunchy pasta chips

Pasta chips – so crunchy and lower in calories

This pasta chips recipe is a perfect match for pasta fans that love crunchy and cheesy pasta.

Easy pasta recipe for healthy dinner

Easy pasta recipe for healthy lunch or dinner

This pasta recipe is simple because of its ingredients and easy preparation but still gives you incredibly tasty results - low in calories and high in protein.


Guacamole recipe – quick, easy and very tasty

Guacamole recipe is one the quickest recipes you can make. It is perfect as a dip for chips or vegetables, as a spread for your sandwich or as a side dish for…

cilantro lime rice
cilantro lime rice with edamame and guacamole

Cilantro lime rice – quick rice recipe that is not boring and tastes amazing

Cilantro lime rice is a great rice recipe, if you are bored of regular rice because it adds a great flavor of lime.

Egg toast – crispy and cheesy toast – ready in 10 minutes

Egg toast - incredibly tasty and so quick - this is going to be your favorite dinner or lunch recipe. It takes around 10 minutes and you have a delicious…

Veggie burger with crispy halloumi patty

Veggie burger with crispy vegetarian patty, melted cheese, fresh veggies and incredibly delicious sauce. This recipe is easy, delicious and an absolutely…

Healthy peanut butter and jelly toast – high protein and no sugar

Healthy peanut butter and jelly toast is a favorite snack, prepared in just 10-15 minutes. It does not contain any refined sugar and is made out of healthy…

Healthy mac and cheese muffins – low calorie and full of healthy ingredients

Low calorie healthy mac and cheese muffins are an absolute game changer - perfect to reach your fitness goals and enjoy your favorite food.

cauliflower bake recipe

Cauliflower bake – easy and delicious

Cauliflower cheese bake is very easy to make and has 17 g protein. It is also super low calorie with only 298 calories per portion. Prepare it in advance for…

Vegetarian carbonara – no cream and low in calories

This vegetarian carbonara is very high in protein and it makes it a perfect high protein lunch or dinner. The combination of high protein and low calorie makes…

Crepe recipe: how to make crepes – easy and fast

This crepes recipe is easy and fast to make. Crepes turn out very soft, thin and crispy. One crepe has only 71 calories and is refined sugar free. I created an…

Healthy bagel

Healthy bagel – soft and chewy bagels

Bagel recipe - tasty and high protein bagels.

2 minutes bean dip

2 minutes bean dip and sandwich spread - quick, easy, rich in protein

Protein granola

Protein granola – rich in natural protein without protein powder

Healthy protein granola is vegan and high in protein. No refined sugar and low in calories.

Egg and cheese muffins

Egg and cheese muffins: cheesy, soft and low carb

Low in calories and full of protein these muffins taste like cheddar melted in bread.

Chocolate crepes

Chocolate crepes with only 116 calories

Chocolate crepes with only 116 calories per crepe including melted chocolate.

Egg wraps

Egg wraps: high protein and low calorie

Egg wraps: high protein, low calorie, ready in 15 mins

The snack after lunch A lot of us feel the need for a sweet snack after a lunch break - and if you are on your fitness journey a lot of diets recommend skipping a snack, but this is actually really wrong. If you do not eat your favorite food, you will end up wanting even more, which will lead to overeating. I created so many healthy desserts and cake recipes that are full of healthy ingredients. In most cases they are sugar free and low in calories. If you are in the home office you can quickly create them and have a snack after your lunch. Or prepare them in advance and bring them to work with you. All my healthy lunch recipes are tested so many times, so you can be sure that they work and satisfy your taste buds.