What to eat with cauliflower rice

Cauliflower Rice: A Step-by-Step Recipe with Delicious Seasonings

This cauliflower rice recipe is healthy, flavorful, and easy to make with a unique blend of spices.

chewy healthy granola bar
storing healthy granola bars

Healthy granola bars: 5 simple ingredients and no sugar

Healthy granola bars - only 5 ingredients and no sugar.

healthy chocolate chip cookies
healthy chocolate chip cookies

Healthy chocolate chip cookies – sugar free, butterfree and super easy

Healthy chocolate chip cookies are very easy to make and turn crispy outside and chewy on the inside. They combine cookie taste with chocolate chips and salty…

healthy granola

Healthy granola ready in 15 mins

Low sugar, healthy ingredients and super crunchy

Chocolate bar

Low-Calorie Chocolate: Sugar-Free & Only 4 Ingredients

Chocolate bar - low calorie, no sugar & only healthy ingredients.

Bounty bar – healthy snack bars without sugar

Without refined sugar and only 4 ingredients

The best way of cooking broccoli

Cook broccoli like a Pro - bright green, crisp-tender texture and very tasty.

Vegan mince bowl – caramelized, smokey and full of flavor

Vegan mince bowl - caramelized vegan mince with lentils.

Chocolate granola – healthy, easy and quick

3 ingredients healthy chocolate granola.

How to roast beets – quick and easy recipe

Quick and easy recipe for roasted beets

Healthy sandwich – full of healthy fats and fiber

Healthy sandwich with delicious spread, tomatoes and salad

Baking falafel – baked falafel recipe to eat healthy and delicious

Baking falafel instead of deep frying - healthy and delicious.

Pumpkin crumble with oranges

Pumpkin crumble with oranges without refined sugar - incredibly sweet, chewy and crispy.

How to roast eggplant the healthy way (without using too much oil)

In my recipe I am using only a little bit of oil and the eggplant gets incredibly crispy and delicious. I love adding it to my bowls and just eat it with…

Blueberry crumble – quick, yummy and low calorie

Blueberry crumble recipe - full of delicious berry flavor and crunchy oat-sesame layer - all you need as a healthy low calorie dessert to stay happy and lean.

Homemade french fries with only 3 ingredients

Homemade French Fries: Crispy Perfection with Just 3 Ingredients

Homemade french fries - quick recipe with 3 ingredients that you definitely have at home.

apple crumble recipe

Apple crumble recipe – refined sugar free, low in calories and very quick

This apple crumble recipe is so low in calories you can definitely have more than one serving!

dates with peanut butter

Dates with peanut butter and jelly- great snack and super quick

Peanut butter and jelly dates combine a lot of great flavors in a healthy dessert. They are sweet and chewy because of dates, chocolatey and crunchy because of…

cilantro lime rice
cilantro lime rice with edamame and guacamole

Cilantro lime rice – quick rice recipe that is not boring and tastes amazing

Cilantro lime rice is a great rice recipe, if you are bored of regular rice because it adds a great flavor of lime.

Lemon custard with granola
Lemon custard

2 minutes lemon custard

2 minutes lemon custard is super quick and has no refined sugar. It is a perfect healthy snack: 11 g protein and only 295 calories. It is vegan and consists of…

Vegan hot chocolate in 5 mins – high protein, low calorie and super easy

Hot chocolate in 10 mins - high protein, vegan and super easy.

2 minutes bean dip

2 minutes bean dip and sandwich spread - quick, easy, rich in protein

Protein granola

Protein granola – rich in natural protein without protein powder

Healthy protein granola is vegan and high in protein. No refined sugar and low in calories.

sugar free ice cream recipe
sugar free ice cream

Sugar free ice cream – quick ice cream without ice cream machine

Low calorie ice cream completely without sugar!

Stuffed dates

Stuffed dates snickers edition – quickest dessert

Stuffed dates snickers edition: healthy ingredients and only 63 calories!

Baked Banana recipe

Baked Banana recipe – easy recipe with melted chocolate in 10 minutes

Baked Banana recipe - easy recipe with melted chocolate in 10 minutes - crispy, low calorie and super quick.

Vegan Brownie

Vegan double choc brownie

Vegan brownies without refined sugar - quick recipe

Recipe for brownies easy & low calorie

Fudgy brownies consist only of natural ingredients. No refined sugar, only 187 calories and 7 g protein per piece. Fudge brownie recipe is easy to make and…

The next very important misconception is that if you turn vegan, there is no need to be careful with your nutrition, because vegan food is healthy in general and you can eat as much as you want. This is definitely not true, because no one is eating vegetables all the time. We do consume pasta, grains, and fries - all these things are also vegan, but if those products are your main meals, it would be difficult to reach lean body goals, even if you are training all the time. Discover protein rich hot chocolate - a very easy recipe that takes really a short time to make it, 2 minutes bean dip so delicious and simple - great for every nacho plate, fudgy brownies - amazing afternoon snack full of healthy ingredients. I developed vegan meals and snacks that are rich in protein, low calorie and full of healthy ingredients - check them out and share your results!